About Us

Netspend offers the SkylightPaycard Visa prepaid card and the SkylightPaycard MasterCard prepaid card through the SkylightPaycard PayOption program to help consumers dematerialize their payroll and provide a convenient way for employees to receive their paychecks. This Axos Bank paperless prepaid card also works as a powerful money management tool.


When you receive a new NetSpend SkylightPaycard, you will need to activate it to access your account online and log in to enjoy all the benefits. You can do this through the SkylightPaycard web portal. It helps you manage your SkylightPaycard account and access it from your smartphone or computer at any time.

To activate the card, you must log in by entering the required login details for online access benefits. Access the portal from the main website where you can access the login function. Online account access is required to manage your SkylightPaycard account, and you can also easily and conveniently access the website with your smartphone or tablet.


It’s very easy to verify your SkylightPaycard. Just enter your identity and login information on the main site. If you need more information, you can use the information on the back of the card.

If you need help with your username or password, help is available on the login screen. Click the “Forgot your username or password?” Button. To restore or reset them. If you experience other problems, please contact the company directly using the information below.

SkylightPaycard Contact Information:

If you have a problem with your SkylightPaycard Visa or MasterCard, log into your account online and use the messaging service through the secure inbox it contains.

If you have any further questions, you can send an email to [email protected]

To speak with a Netspend SkylightPaycard representative, you can call customer service at (888) 606-9800 (toll-free).

Or send a fax to (888) 628-91255

Netspend SkylightPaycard mailing address:

  • Skylight
  • P.O. Box 2136
  • Austin, Texas 78768-2136